How Will I Know?

IMG_1481S’s first ever solo was a jazz solo to Whitney Houston’s song “How Will I know?” This was a remixed version, but hearing it still brought back memories of when I was a kid growing up in the 80s with neon colours, shoulder pads, plastic bracelets and very big pouffy hair (don’t judge – we all wore it!)

S worked with a visiting choreographer and had only three hours to learn the entire dance. It was a big order, and one that made her quite nervous.

She didn’t know her solo song and looked at me doubtfully when I proclaimed it “super cool.” She also wasn’t too happy to hear that Whitney Houston died several years ago and therefore had no recent hits show would recognize.

When dancers are young I think one of the biggest jobs us dance mommas have is calming their nerves. Even though S was terrified of the thought of spending three hours alone with a choreographer, she seemed to relax a bit when we talked about other dancers that do it for their solos, that she would have the chance to learn one-on-one from the choreographer, and that if she gave it a chance, she would have fun (or at least I had my fingers crossed that this was the case!)

Three hours later she emerged from the studio, sweaty and with red cheeks from the exertion. The grin on her face said it all. Her choreographer had some nice things to say about her efforts, gave her a hug and S was smitten.

Next up was a lot of practice time, and then the nervousness of performing the routine on the stage….

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